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     .... Swiss Yodel voice in Canada!

Alphorn storage tree
What to do with a 3 metre long Alphorn while socializing and having a beer? Lean it on an Alphorn tree of course!

Opening festivities at the Eidg. Jodlerfest in Interlaken 2011

Eidg. Jodlerfest Brig 2017
Opening ceremony in front of the Stockalper Palace which was built between 1658 and 1678
Eidg. Jodlerfest in Brig 2017
Our members are enjoying being part of the Sunday afternoon parade through the town of Brig.

We were so looking forward to meet our Swiss Yodel friends at the Eidg. Jodlerfest in Basel this year but Corona made it an impossible dream. So we plan for next year and in the meantime reminisce about the wonderful eight Eidg. Jodlerfests we took part in. In the meantime we will explore our wild Canadian Rockies.