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The parade route was packed with spectators from all over Switzerland! 
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The opening ceremony took place in the historical Stockalper Palace gardens on a hot Friday afternoon 

The Eidg. Jodlerfest in Brig was a fantastic experience for our members. The team spirit was very high resulting in a great performance of our competition song "Bärg Erinnerige” by Ernst Sommer. We sang with feelings and had our hearts in the song. As the team of judges remarked in their jury report: “ A natural, genuine presentation. One truly believes that the Canadians like to be Swiss”. We are very happy with our classification in the “good” category.
The Eidg. Jodlerfest in Brig was a gigantic organizational undertaking as there were over 12'000 active participants converging into this small city for one weekend. Competitions were held in the various categories of Yodeling (choir, solo, duet, trio and quartet), Flag throwing (solo, duo, group), Alphorn and Büchel blowing (solo, duet, trio, quartet and group) all needing to be judged (by 3 member juries) in a day and a half.
Of the 400 choir performances 58% were judged in the "very good", 38% in the "good" and 3% in the "satisfactory" category. The festival spirit was amazing with the colors of the traditional Swiss costumes pleasing the eye and the yodelling echoeing throughout the old city of Brig all weekend long.
From us a heartfelt “Thank you” to the whole organizing team and the many volunteers!

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