Artistic Choir Directors

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Current Director: Humberto Herrera Vargas , M.A. 2017 -
2017 Eidg. Jodlerfest Brig, Switzerland
Ranking: Class 2 - Good
Humberto joined the Yodel Club Heimattreu as Artistic Choir Director at the beginning of 2017. The choir will benefit from Humberto's wealth of artistic experience, which includes:
Orchestra Director in Residence of the First Alliance Church; and
Assistant Choir Director of the First Alliance Church Choir;
Choral Master Director, Le Portrail Church in Laval Quebec
Orchestra and Choir Director MCI Christian Church Montreal
Humberto has a Masters Degree in Symphony Orchestra Conducting from the University of Montreal, a Bachelor of Bassoon degree from the National School of Music in Mexico City and a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Universidad La Salle in Mexico City. Humberto is a Canadian citizen and speaks English, Spanish and French.

Past Director: Marian Jordan Hamilton 2010 - 2016
2015 NASSA Festival New Glarus, USA
Ranking: Silver
2014 Eidg. Jodlerfest Davos, Switzerland
Ranking: Class 2 - Good
2012 NASSA Festival Kitchener, Ont. Canada
Ranking: Silver
2011 Eidg. Jodlerfest Interlaken, Switzerland
Ranking: Class 3 - Satisfactory

Past Director: Andrew Bolen 2004 - 2009
2009 NASSA Festival Banff, Canada
Mass Choir Director - not in competition
2008 Eidg. Jodlerfest Luzern, Switzerland
Ranking: Class 1 - Very good
2006 NASSA Festival Toledo, USA
Ranking: Silver
2005 Eidg. Jodlerfest Aarau, Switzerland
Ranking: Class 2 - Good

Past Director / Ehrenmitglied: Anne Stollbert 1988 - 2003
2003 NASSA Festival New Glarus Wisconsin, USA
2002 Eidg. Jodlerfest Fribourg, Switzerland
Ranking: Class 2 - Good
2000 NASSA Festival Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1999 Eidg. Jodlerfest Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Ranking: Class 1 - Very Good
1997 NASSA Festival Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, USA
1996 Eidg. Jodlerfest Thun, Switzerland
Ranking: Class 1 - Very Good
1994 NASSA Festival Ottawa. Ont. Canada
1991 NASSA Festival Columbus, Ohio, USA
1988 NASSA Festival Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Past Director: Jim Cummings 1982 - 1987
1985 NASSA Festival Milwaukee, WI, USA
1982 NASSA Festival Toledo, Ohio, USA

Past Director: Marlies Ruethemann 1977 - 1981
1st Music Director

Swiss based Advisors and Instructors:

Christina Wanner - Ehrenmitglied
1996 April - Yodeling and Choir Workshop
in Calgary to prepare for Eidg. Jodlerfest in Thun
2005 May - Yodeling and Choir Workshop
in Calgary to prepare for Eidg. Jodlerfest in Aarau
2006 June - Yodeling and Choir Workshop in Calgary
2009 June - Jury member at swissfest09
the NASSA competition singing in Banff, Canada

Marianne Weingart:
2010 August - Choir Workshop in Calgary
2012 November - 4 Day Yodeling Workshop in Banff

Beat von Holzen:
2016 October 15 and 16 - Choir Workshop in Calgary